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this knife every day
for 10 years!
You can quote me!"

-Reinie Zellmann, Mequon, WI




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This is a really unique item - it costs less than $4...customers will keep and use it like it cost $30... and having your number in their pocket at the right time could be worth a lot more!


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Field Tested*
After bagging a huge bull elk near Burns, Colorado, Virgil Bruner of Louisburg, Missouri, discovered that he had lost his hunting knife during the hunt. The only other knife Virgil had with him on the mountain was his 6 3/4" Logo-Knife. "Man," he thought, "this is never going to work." But after completely dressing, skinning, and quartering the bull, he found that "the knife was still really sharp! What a deal!"
You won't find a more durable, and useful promotional gift anywhere. This one has been field tested!


"I received the sample you sent. I gave it to our farm manager to use and 'be a little tough with it to see how it works'. Since we have been traveling with the show, we have been away in Alabama and in Tennessee. To be honest with you, it slipped my mind.

Today we were unloading a load of feed for cattle. The guys unloading the truck were with the manager and myself. I went to open the bag but did not have a knife, nor did the delivery guys. The farm manager pulled out the sample knife and handed it to me. It was as sharp as a razor and worked perfectly. When I stopped and looked at it for a moment, I was quickly told in no uncertain terms to return the knife as it was the 'best he had ever had' and he carries it everywhere. The delivery guys want one, and I wanted one too.

Therefore, we need to price an order. I think I want to offer them on our web store but will probably give many of them away as very nice gifts."


Tom Seay
Executive Director & Host
Best of America by Horseback

The owner of our company and his wife were traveling with me on a sales call to North Carolina. They saw your LOGO Knifes I had with me as gifts for my farmer customers. The owners wife said she didn't see how that was a very good gift. I said just watch what happens!

We went into a little cafe / gas station / hardware /hunting supply one room store. It is call the Rowan store, 30 miles from nearest town. Six of my customer / friends were sitting around the lunch table. I handed each a LOGO Knife, and started to talk business. One older customer said he could not accept a pocket knife without giving me something in return. As you may know that is a old southern custom. I said, "I will take all the change in your right front pocket", he said, "fair enough."

As we talked business each man stared at his knife and opened and closed it probably 8 or 10 times. Each time seeing my BBC logo. I left with $140,000.00 in orders for next harvest season and the 38 cents the old man had in his front right pocket.

In the truck driving away the owners wife said I don't understand. What happened, why did they open and close their knifes. "I don't know," I said, "it is just a thing all men do when handed a folding knife. I have seen it happen all my life. They won't forget who gave it to them, we will get another order or two in the weeks to follow." She then asked if she could have a knife for herself.

Butch Greiffendorf
BBC Technologies
South Have, MI








"This is perfect...
Thanks for reminding me what GREAT customer service looks like...I haven't seen much of it over the last couple years!"

Angela M. Hawk, Executive Director
Subcontractors Association of Northeast Ohio

There is no doubt... there is something magic about a 'knife' as a gift.
"I just handed one of those knives to a regular customer. A young man who's probably in here 10 times a week. I couldn't believe how touched he was. Not just impressed by the quality and value, but actually moved."

Bruce Ackman, President
Lewis Supply Company





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