The customers love these knives. I am sure we will order more!

Sidwell Crop Insurance
Goltry, OK

The Logo-Knife is awesome! It’s much better than giving someone a hat they won’t wear or some junky, cheap giveaway. I’ve been putting them in the hands of my best customers and the feedback has been tremendous. We’re ordering more already.”

Michael Cannon
Store Manager
CFC Farm & Home Center – Rappahannock

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me design our new knife. I think our customers are really going to like it. I think it will be a great advertisement piece, especially right here close to Christmas.
Last year about this same time you sent me a sample knife to look at. At the time, we had done some other promo items, so I was not ready to purchase any yet. But I thought I might consider it for the future. However, I was a little hesitant about the quality and durability of the knife. I put the knife in my pocket last year and have actually carried the knife everyday since then. After a year, I would be lost without it. I use it everyday to open my freight boxes, cut hay tine, cut plastic, wood, or whatever… and on occasion, (close your eyes) the emergency screwdriver. I am very impressed with the quality and durability of your knife and am looking forward to have one with my own logo and info on it to pass out to my customers. Thanks for everything.

Nix Implement Co.
Shannon Brooks, Parts Manager
Lamesa, Tx 79331

I just wanted to say thanks for the great job on's Logo-Knives. It is a great way to advertise. Our customers seem to keep them forever!

Thank you!

Macon Gravlee


Steve has been giving these away every way ... upside down and backwards! We need some more!

Susan Edwards
Queen Valley Mule Ranch
Queen Valley, AZ

We love the knives! Thank You!

Dakota Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Thank you for your prompt service. The knives are great and my bull buyers are already talking about them.

Steve Shearer
El Rancho En Debto

Received the knives today. They look great - Thank you!!!!!

Patty Smith
Eagle Metal Products

I've been carrying that sample knife-everyday for 4 months...I've used it around the farm and office - it's quite a knife for a 'give-away' item! The knife is still sharp and the logo looks like it did when I got it - look for my order, I have some shows coming up this fall.

Harvey Ferris
SI Feeders

I didn't know people did business this way? So let me get this straight, you don't know a thing about me, send me a gift in the mail, call me up with no pressure sales talk, then send me your product without any mention of paying for it??
I think you have a great idea going and most businesses I know would take you up on your product. How do you keep the price down like you do?


Thank you so much for your fast service. Everyone loved the knives!

Again-- Thanks

Cudd Quarterhorses

You did a great job. I'm faxing back the "D" front and the "#1" back. These turned out awesome. Thanks for your speedy job.

Larry Lancaster
Lancasters Rock-N-Roll Rodeo

We received your knives today and they look great! Thanks for the speedy service!!

Darlene Jones/AP
Kenbridge VA 23944

We received the knives yesterday and the look real good. The way they are disappearing it won't take too long before I place another order.

Dave Figge
Artisan Contracting

Well, the knives are a big hit!!
Let me know.... so we can get you a check.


We received the knives and we really like them. Thank you for all of your hard work and assistance in getting them ordered and to us in time for the show.


Janet Ocasio
Specialty Products, Inc.

Got my knifes in and I really like them. Thanks for doing such a good job and the speedy service too. I told my brother about them, and I think he's going to order some too.

Thanks again.
Larry Lancaster
Lancasters Rock-N-Roll Rodeo

Thank you for the knives!
They're Perfect!

Debbie Cummings
Cummings Construction

... We are getting great response to the knives we are giving to our customers!

Steve & Kim

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. We are very pleased with the knives, and our clients love them, too. Thanks again & have a wonderfully blessed day.

Angela Wilds
Wilds Horsemanship

I've carrying that knife for weeks - last Saturday I cut open 55 bags of concrete... and spliced some cable with it too.  It's still as sharp as the day you gave it to me - definitely going to order some - a great idea!

Taylored Signs
Oroville, CA

I really enjoy the excitement of giving these knives to customers... with just about every knife I give away you would think I had just handed them a hundred dollar bill.

Thanks, Jason Moore
A-1 Signs

We got the knives today. They look great!! Thank you for all of your help. This was very fast and easy. I bet we will be placing a second order with you. The knives are really nice. Thanks again for all of your help. We will mail out a check today.

Kari Lankerd
Butterfly Supply
Great Plains Inspection

Thanks for the knives. 'Hot Item' -Everyone likes them!

Northern Plains Ag
Cayuga, ND

Thanks for the knives. They arrived and look great. I appreciate your efforts on this.

Rick Smathers
National Ropers Supply

Just wanted to let you know that our logo-knives for Ex-Factory came in this afternoon, and the salesmen we work with are completely into them! “Great idea…Great knives…My customers are going to love these”, etc.

I wanted to thank you for the quick turn-around time, too.
Thanks again!

Knifes are here and look GREAT! Thank you for the speedy delivery.

Hubbard Feeds

Cutting Edge,
Thank you very much for your help and your trust. Keep searching,"There is one bit that works on all horses, a bit of knowledge". Until we meet again, may God bless you, your family, and your livestock.

Pat Hooks

I've enjoyed giving these more than any... thing! This has been the best - I really love handing these out..

E.W. Thomson Drug
Delhi, LA
{FISH symbol}
Numbers 6: 24-26

We received our order today....they look great (as we expected).  We will probably be looking to you guys later in the year for Christmas supply. 
Thanks so much.

We received our knives yesterday and we LOVE them.  They are better than we expected.  Thank you very much.
Janet Gilliaum Henderson

Just want to let you know that the knives have been a real customer pleaser. We send a knife with each new parts order, the customers love it. We get emails each day from customers telling us they really appreciate and were surprised by the nice knife. Looking for the next order! Thanks again.
Phillip Gooch/President
Circle G Tractor Sales, Inc.
Lamar, Mississippi

I received my order this morning. Thank you. They look great!

Thanks so much for the offer. I'm glad we received it. These will be very nice to give away.

Susan Anderson
Wheeler Machinery Company
4901 West 2100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah

I received the knives, they are outstanding, better in person than on the proof sheet, great job. I'm sure anyone I give them to will be quite happy with them. Can't wait to get the logo for my electrical contracting company so I can order some knives for it.

Thanks again,
Jeff Deimeke
Deimeke Oil LLC

Got the knives today and they look GREAT!!!


Shawn Brown
CFC Concrete Cutting

Thanks! Great Job! Very Pleased!

Bob Fairbanks
The Chimney Specialists, Inc
Keene, NH

I got one of those knives ... two years ago and I use the heck out of it in the spring checking planting depths. The knives have our logo and First In the Field on them along with measurement hashes lasered on for checking corn seed depth. I've had multiple requests for them from customers. [They're] ..really inexpensive and good quality.

Scott Sooy
LG Seeds

Lets do another 100.
Every farmer tells us this is the best thing they have ever received. Thanks for a great item!!!

Gary Dyrdahl
Ag West Supply

Just want to let you know we received the knives and they look great.  I am sure these will be a hit with our clients and I am sure I will put another order in once we have given out this batch.

Thanks again for your great service.

John R. Knapp
Pacific Northwest Field Services
International Inspection, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that the knives came in and they look great!!
The Boss was very happy with them.
I just wanted to take a second and let you know, that you guys did a great job.

For Henrys,
Henrys Plumbing and Heating Supply Co

Enclosed is a check for the 1st order of knives and now send me another [order] prepaid. They are so nice I have to have more. Maybe even more again! You did a great job, keep up the great work.

Brockert's Bath Boutique

We received the knives. Rick was so pleased, he wants to order an additional 300. Could you please place the order for me? He has decided these will make good holiday gifts.


Kathy Young
Advertising and Promotion Assistant
Puckett Machinery Company

I got the knives yesterday and they look great! I have already given a few out and the response has been positive to say the least. [ ]Thank you for a great job on the knives, they make great promotional items for me to give my customers and friends.


Jim Berry
Woodnut, LLC

We just received the 'Economy' knives. They look just like we expected. I would certainly recommend your company. You get A+ all across the board. We look forward to getting the Apex knives.

Betsy Muller

Advertising Director
Apex Supply Co.
Dallas, TX

We received our knives yesterday in the mail...they look great!!
My manager asked me to order another 100 of them!!

Thank You!!

Sarah Dodds
Cadillac, MI

Design looks great and knives look awesome. Already a big hit. Thank you very much.

MVP's Farrier Service
Marengo, IL

Just a note to let you know we received the knives in today. We are very impressed with them and very pleased with your prompt service.

Thank you and best wishes for the Holiday Season.

Margaret Pinsonneault
General Manager
Al's Lawn & Garden

Thanks for getting our new 35th Anniversary knives to us and on time. They were a BIG hit.

Judy Wagner
Director of Marketing
Montana Silversmiths

Just received the knives! They look great! Can’t thank you and your Team enough for getting them done right and here on time. Very much appreciated. You now have a loyal customer for life.


Thomas J. Willard MBA

President, CEO


I've been carrying the sample knife you sent me for 3 years.

I think it's time[ ]to order.


Eric Rosenthal
President & Technical Director
Magnet Paints

We received your product this week and it really looks great.

Thanks for all the great service.

Dave Bachtel

They look great! Thanks so much!

Tori McGough
Gros Ventre River Ranch
Moose, Wyoming

Just got my Filet knives - Wow - They look Great!
I've had all kinds of comments on them.
The Logos look Fantastic - Crystal Clear.
This is a great item for our Fishing Tournament!

Thanks for all your help and FAST Service.

Rick Houston
Houston Construction
Collins, MO

Hey.. received the knives they are great!!
I want to order another 100.
Also my friend wants to order some with their logo - could I get your direct number so she can call you?